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Crafting materials

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The Dragon Ball Terraria Mod adds a number of new crafting materials across all points of progression throughout the game. These materials serve as the primary way of obtaining ki-related items.

Pre-Hardmode[edit | edit source]

Material Availability Obtained from Amount
Stable Ki Crystal.png Stable Ki Crystal Always available Forest, Snow, and Desert enemies 1-2
Scrap Metal.png Scrap Metal Always available Sold by Merchant.png 1
Empty Necklace.png Empty Necklace Always available 3 Scrap Metal.png + 5 Iron Bar.png / Lead Bar.png   @   Z-Table.png 1
Earthen Shard.png Earthen Shard Eater of Worlds or Brain of Cthulhu is defeated All Enemies 1-3
Calm Ki Crystal.png Calm Ki Crystal Eater of Worlds or Brain of Cthulhu is defeated Surface Jungle enemies 1-3
Astral Essentia.png Astral Essentia Queen Bee is defeated Harpy.png 1-3
Skeletal Essence.png Skeletal Essence Skeletron is defeated Dungeon enemies 1-3
Prideful Ki Crystal.png Prideful Ki Crystal Skeletron is defeated Underworld enemies 1-3

Hardmode[edit | edit source]

Material Availability Obtained from Amount
Refined Metal.png Refined Metal Wall of Flesh is defeated Scrap Metal.png + Cobalt Bar.png / Palladium Bar.png   @   Hellforge.png 2
Angerful Ki Crystal.png Angerful Ki Crystal Wall of Flesh is defeated Corruption / Crimson enemies 1-3
Satanic Cloth.png Satanic Cloth All 3 Mechanical Bosses are defeated 2 Angerful Ki Crystal.png + Soul of Fright.png + Soul of Might.png + Soul of Sight.png + Silk.png   @   Z-Table.png 2
Soul of Entity.png Soul of Entity All 3 Mechanical Bosses are defeated Possessed Armor.png Enchanted Sword (NPC).png Cursed Hammer.png Crimson Axe.png 1-6
Pure Ki Crystal.png Pure Ki Crystal Plantera is defeated Mushroom biome enemies 1-5
Divine Threads.png Divine Threads Plantera is defeated 2 Pure Ki Crystal.png + Ectoplasm.png + Silk.png   @   Z-Table.png 2
Demonic Soul.png Demonic Soul Golem is defeated Demon.png 1-3
Katchin Scale.png Katchin Scale Duke Fishron is defeated Duke Fishron 12-36
Radiant Fragment.png Radiant Fragment Lunatic Cultist is defeated All Celestial Pillars 6-12
Consumables: Ki Potion.png Potions (MRE.png Buff Potions) • Scrap Metal.png Materials (Earthen Shard.png Drops) • 4 Star Dragon Ball.png Other