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Instant Transmission

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Instant transmission is an ability that allows you to teleport to NPC's, players, Ki Beacons or just freely. Pressing the hotkey that you have bound to I.T. will activate it based on which tomes you have unlocked.

Unlocks[edit | edit source]

I.T. Tome Vol 1 - Dissipati Peribunt.pngI.T. Tome Vol 1 - Dissipati Peribunt - Grants fullscreen map based teleportation that allows you to teleport to NPC's, players or Ki Beacons.

I.T. Tome Vol 2 - Ianuae Magicae.pngI.T. Tome Vol 2 - Ianuae Magicae - Grants the ability to teleport freely by pressing the hotkey and moving your mouse around the screen, doing so costs 1000 Ki

I.T. Tome Vol 3 - Pura Facilioris Transmissus.pngI.T. Tome Vol 3 - Pura Facilioris Transmissus - Drastically reduces the Ki usage of free teleportation.